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About Etcetera Antiques
If you are looking for a genuine antique shop, filled with beautiful items and operated by the most knowledgeable antique dealer in the Willamette Valley, you need look no further than Etcetera Antiques. For over forty years, proprietor Cindy Day has presented beautiful antiques and collectible art from around the world in her Salem shop and gallery.

Her collections draw people from great distances to find unique and rare items of all kinds. Cindy will regale you with fascinating facts about this item or that painting, and in just minutes you will be glad you've come.

If you have need of her Estate Sale services, you will find her personal touch brings exactly what's needed to this important task. (Learn below why you should choose an Estate Sale over an impersonal auction.) No one is ever "just another customer" at Cindy Day's Etcetera Antiques. Come and find out just what Cindy's outstanding expertise combined with her personal touch can bring to your antiques and art buying and selling experience.

Why should I choose an
Estate Sale?

There are estate sales...and then there are Etcetera Antiques Estate Sales! The difference is Etcetera Antiques' large customer following and impeccable reputation for quality. We handle the details with complete professionalism. We provide
  • Extensive pre-sale preparations including email announcements to our large customer list
  • Attractive, informative newspaper advertisements before, and street signage during the sale
  • Signs and flyers in Etcetera Antiques very popular shop
  • Prominent announcements and details on the Etcetera Antiques website (Salem's top antiques website search result)
  • Careful, attractive arrangement and display of items during the sale
  • Experienced and professional helpers
Just put yourself in your customers' shoes. Where would you rather be—at an impersonal auction where people are known by their numbers, or at a pleasant and welcoming estate sale that treats people warmly and and presents every beautiful item in its natural home setting? Like the many visitors to our many estate sales, we think you'll make the much better choice: Etcetera Antiques.

You can stay up to date on all our Estate Sales! Simply email us at and we will put you on our Estate Sale Mailing List.
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